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Pneumatically Actuated Ball Valve

Pneumatically Actuated Ball Valve

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Actuator Types-(Single Acting/Double Acting) :

  • Single Acting Actuators - These types of actuators are operated in one direction by air & spring return mechanism is provided for other side of operation. Generally air fail to close is provided by default.
  • Double Acting Actuators(ON-OFF Type) - Air to open ait to close type of mechanism is provided.

Accessories for Pneumatic Actuation :

  • Solenoid Valve (SOV) - SOV is an electromechanically operated valve to control the action of actuator. Electrical signals given to SOV operate SOV to release air in required port to operate actuator.
  • Manual Over Ride (MOR) - MOR is de-clutchable Gearbox to operate valve manually in times of needs like air failure or electricity failure.
  • Limit Switch - Limit Switch provided on top is used to give feedback to the control panel showing the position of valve. Two colour dome shows valve position visually.
  • Electro Pneumatic Positioner - Positioners are used to stop valve at some intermediate point in its full swing from open to close.
  • Air Filter Regulator (AFR) - Air filter regulator is used to regulate air pressure given to the system and also for filtering air from any foreign particles.


Model No.: PABV01